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Philips Fax Ink Film and Cartridges

Ink and Media Ltd supply genuine Philips ink cartridges at a low price without compromise on quality. If you have ever bought Philips ink cartridge or fax film from the high street you will know how expensive they can be. Buying Philips printer cartridges online from Ink & Media Ltd can save you a small fortune. Don't forget all our fax/ink cartridges come with a 100% money back guarantee and delivery is free. Other popular Philips fax consumables that we supply are the Philips Magic 3 fax film and also the Philips Magic 5 fax film.

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View our wide range of Philips OEM and remanufactured Toner Cartridges. At Ink and Media we give the cheapest deals with the best quality, with no compromise on quality. We also offer a rock solid, no hassle 100% satisfaction guarentee. All Philips Toner Cartridges come with free delievery.

Philips Ink Cartridges

Gerard Philips first founded his company in 1891. The first products to hit the shelves were light bulbs and other electrical equipment. Its first factory was turned into a Museum devoted to light sculptures. After about 30 years Philips started to manufacture other products such as vacuum tubes. After many more products Philip's finally started to manufacture printers and fax machines. In the year of 2004 Philips decided to change their popular slogan of “Let’s make things better” to use the one they are renowned for today which is “Sense and Simplicity”.

At Ink and Media we supply the full range of Philips ink cartridges and fax films. If you have had to replace your inkjet cartridges and bought from a high street store you will know how expensive they can be. Buy your Philips Cartridges at low prices from the biggest online Printer Cartridge store, Ink and Media and save lots of your hard earned money.

Our range of Philips Fax ink films and Philips toner cartridge are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you total peace of mind. Popular Philips fax machines use the Philips Magic 3 Ink Film or a Philips Magic Fax Ink Film 5. We also have a range of high quality compatible ink films which are great value and can save you even more money.

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