A Guide to Wireless Printing

by Rich on September 14, 2009

When most people plan their small business office set up, they intend to place the printer relatively close to their personal computer. With the growing popularity of laptop computers, business owners are able to work from anywhere they choose. However, when they wish to print documents, they must return to the location of their printer, install a USB cable, and do their printing within a few feet of their printer. The development of wireless printers offers a solution to this inconvenience. E.g Lexmark z2420

Lexmark Z2420

Wireless printers offer several benefits. To begin with, all printers that are on the same network are able to print to a single printer. This efficiency allows several users to print to the same computer without having to use cables or wires. Computer users are also able to print from anywhere within a set radius. The printer can remain in the home office while you work and print from outdoors. Those working in an office environment can situate their printer in a central location and all employees will be able to print to it.

Printing to a wireless printer is completely secure. In some cases, this may be more secure than utilizing a traditional printer. Many users appreciate the fact that using a wireless printer is neat and tidy. The printers save space and there is no disordered wire clutter. Combined with the convenience of mobility, wireless printers are a great option for those using laptops for their work. It is also easy to associate your handheld devices with the wireless printer and print from there.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printers enable users to keep their USB ports open for other uses. As it becomes more common to hook up other devices to your computer, this is a very valuable feature. You may want to utilize a music storage device, photo storage device, and external hard drive at the same time. By utilizing a wireless printer, this becomes an option.

Many will tell you that wireless printing is the fastest available. The price range of wireless printers is very reasonable and can very from £30-300, depending on the model and features you choose. HP, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, and Epson all offer wireless options.


While wireless printers appear to be the wave of the future, there are a few glitches that consumers may want to allow to be worked out. The printers take a long time to install, and some users reported that it has a complicated installation process. They also reviewed certain models as noisy, shaky, and jam-prone. Some of them had long initializing periods, causing people to question the operation of the printer between computer command and completed printout. Some HP models installed options that customers were unaware of until the installation was complete.

None the less, many of the reported issues regarding wireless printers are the same one will find with lower quality traditional models. If you complete careful research prior to your purchase and you are willing to buy a higher quality model, you will more than likely be very pleased with the efficiency and convenience of your wireless printer.

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