Unexpected Things to do With Your Printer

by Rich on November 13, 2009

Everyone knows you can type a few pages of text and print it out on any printer or any quality of paper. What some people may not realize, especially if they have purchased a higher end printer, is that their printer may be a gold mine of fun projects and features. printer-user-manualIf you have owned your printer for awhile and all you have done is print out the occasional set of directions, take a look at the manual and see if you can find something that catches your fancy and gets the creative juices flowing.

Your printer can probably printer photos. The trick to doing this professionally and saving a ton of money is purchasing the right paper. High quality photo paper will save you the effort and money of taking your photos to a professional developer. The initial investment of paper may seem like a lot, but will save you money over time. This also allows you to develop photos without sharing them with total strangers.

You can print labels with your printer. Most people will think of one type of label or another without considering all the uses they may have for labels. In addition to printing shipping and address labels, you can also print gift tags and CD and video labels. If you decide to get organized, head to the office supply store and see what kind of sticky-backed paper they have in stock. If you have a specific project in mind, you can search online for the appropriate paper.

If you have more than one computer in your home or small business, you can set up each computer to print to the same printer. This means that everyone will not need to have their own printer. This allows people to work from various locations throughout the home and print to a printer that is centrally located for everyone.

Those who love scrap-booking may enjoy doing so with their printer. Some know it is possible to print out clip-art, but few realize you can create and print your entire scrapbook page. With the right software, you can scan in your photos and do the entire layout on the screen. This saves paper scraps, mess, glue, and stacks of mistakes.

Some printer manufacturers offer a variety of free samples. The next time you are browsing the Internet, head to the homepage of your printer company. There you will find updated information for drivers, tips and tricks for printing, and a variety of ideas for how you can use your printer creatively.

Check out all of the features available on your printer. Something as simple as a reprint button may save you a lot of headaches. Did you just realize you needed a second copy of a document but you have already powered down the computer? Hit the reprint button to print the last document in exact duplicate. Your printer may also feature an economy print mode. Those who have printed a bulk of items by mistake may find a cancel button to be a lifesaver. Knowing these options are available long before you need them can save a person a lot of stress and headaches.

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