Top Tips For Buying A Used Printer

by Rich on September 17, 2009

While many people may feel that purchasing a printer is not an overwhelming expense, those that are in the market may still choose to buy a used printer. If they are not planning to do a great deal of printing, or there is a reason for them to own more the one printer, a used model may be a perfectly acceptable solution. A used printer may also be a great option for a student.

Often, the only difference between a brand new printer and one that is only one or two years old is the number of pages it can print per minute. There are often technological advances, but they are so advanced that a regular consumer would be unable to detect them. Someone that is buying a printer simply to print copies of documents they type will often see no difference between the most updated version and one that is a few years old.

Those looking for used printers can shop at garage sales and flea markets. In the past, you would not be able to find a high quality printer at a location like this. However, in recent years it has become popular and cost effective to upgrade on the fairly regular basis. This means that those searching for a used printer can find a fairly modern, only slightly used printer for a bargain price.

When shopping for a used printer, be sure to check a few things to guarantee you are getting a good value. You can print a test sheet when the computer is not hooked up to a computer. This will show you the print quality and may give you some indication as to how soon a printer ink replacement may be needed.

If you decide to consider a used printer, it may be best to determine which model you are looking for ahead of time. If there is an option that you may not be able to afford brand new, you might be able to find it slightly used or refurbished for an affordable price. This also narrows your choices and will guide you in the right direction when shopping.

Another tip is to purchase the printer in person. This way, you are able to not only print a test sheet, you can look in the print terminal for dust, check for toner leakage, and make sure there is no paper jammed anywhere in the printer. Also be sure all of the necessary cords are included, and consider the USB cables that may be needed.

The final thing to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a used printer is the fact that printer companies are working to discourage the resale of printers. Some of them raise the cost of the printer cartridges on older models in order to encourage people to upgrade to the latest model. If you are thinking of buying used, take into account this increase in ink cost. In the long run, you may find it cheaper to purchase a brand new printer if ink costs will remain reasonable for a few additional years after your purchase. If a brand new printer is not in the budget though, a used one may be a perfectly reasonable option.

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1 kamal November 25, 2009 at 2:50 pm

Every printer can print at least one test page without being connected to a PC. The test will show you the printer’s print quality, how old the printer is, and how many pages have been printed on it.

2 Alexander Mcintosh November 27, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Thats useful information for our readers, thanks! :)

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