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The latest addition to Ink & Media’s expanding product list is a range of Jet Tec toner cartridges.

Jet Tec are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of compatible and remanufactured inkjet & laser toner cartridges.

Jet Tec Toners



The Difference Between Ink and Toner

by Rich on September 29, 2009

While some may refer to ink and toner as being one and the same, there are actually quite a few differences in how they are made and how they function. For starters, toners and inks can not be used interchangeably with printers. Inkjet printers use ink and laser printers use toner. Toner is a powder that is carbon based. It is made up of dye granules that have polymers that help it to adhere to paper.


Toner comes in a cartridge, just like liquid ink. It is typically more expensive then liquid ink, but it lasts a longer time and is capable of printing more pages per cartridge. Keep in mind that many of the rules of technology apply to toner cartridges. The higher the quality, and more expensive, the cartridge, the better it will operate. Higher quality, expensive cartridges are filled with very finely ground powder. The less expensive toner cartridges are going to have larger granules of powder and you may find that it smears or does not otherwise perform as well.

Most home users choose inkjet printers and find they work fine for their needs. However, those choosing a printer for business purposes may prefer laser printers and toner printing. Laser printers are more expensive and take up more space, but they offer better quality printing and they are often faster and more efficient.

Those using a laser printer will find they need to change the toner cartridge just as someone using an inkjet printer will need to change the ink cartridge. Due to the tendency of toner to spill from the cartridge, it may be wise to use rubber gloves and an apron when changing the toner cartridge. Should toner get on your skin, washing it immediately with soap and water. You should also avoid breathing toner and may want to wear a paper mask when changing toner cartridges to avoid inhaling microscopic particles.The FDA has classified toner powder as a class A carcinogen. There is some debate over how much harm it can cause skin, but those working around toner are advised to be safe instead of sorry. Printer companies insist their products have been tested and present no real danger to users. Others believe toner powder is the single most dangerous aspect of computer technology.

Toner Powder

Should you spill toner on clothing or carpet, vacuum the powder immediately. After vacuuming, you can blot the area with cold water. If putting your stained clothing in the washing machine, wash on cold and air dry. Heat will fuse the color into the fabric and you will find you have a permanent stain. In either case, on clothing or on carpet, do not rub the toner. This will smear the powder into the fabric and make it more difficult, or impossible, to remove.

Understanding the difference between ink and toner can help you make the correct choice when purchasing a printer. If you work with a laser printer, being familiar with toner will also help you to be safe when in the work environment.



Recycling Your Printer Ink Cartridges

January 7, 2009

When you throw your used ink cartridges away, their lives are only just beginning. Most U.K. cartridges get disposed of in landfills. There, the trace remnants of ink left over in the sponges inside cartridges, and in the cartridges themselves, can gradually leach into soil and water. The plastics from the cartridges contain harmful chemicals, [...]

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