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Those looking for an incredibly affordable printer will love this model. The price has dropped 70% since it was originally launched just a short time ago.The printer is designed for home users and it uses a two-cartridge system which is unusual for Canon. The print speed clocks in at around 13 pages per minute for the single colour print jobs in normal mode. Colour printing runs around eight pages, also in normal mode. It also has photo printing capabilities and it takes about 60 seconds to print a 4X6” print. Most owners of this printer report being pleased with its functionality despite how basic it is. It is not comparable to many of the fancy-pants printers on the market today, but considering the price of around £30, there can hardly be many complaints. The printer is stylish all decked out in black and some believe that gives it a higher-end appearance.

Also making it appear sleek is the lack of an output tray, but make sure you have it set on a table or desk that has space to catch your papers. It is a small printer, so if you are working in a compact space, it would still be ideal, even though you need a surface to catch the printing output.The rear paper tray of the machine folds down onto the front cover and the manual control features include only two buttons: one for undoing paper jams and feeding, and the on/off switch.

Canon IP1900 inkjet cartridges are priced reasonably for ink cartridges, around £15 per cartridge, but when you consider this is half of the cost of the printer, it seems a bit expensive. Re-manufactured ink is available for a bit less, but the £5 or so savings is hardly worth a trip across town to avoid the name-brand variety.

All in all, this is a great bargain printer. You will not be able to use it for big print jobs and the cost of the Canon IP1900 inkjet cartridges may add up over time, but if you want a quality new printer for a low price, give it a shot.



Some people rush out to buy the latest technological update as soon as it is available. But if you are someone that is always last to upgrade, it may be time to but a new printer. There are a few tell-tale signs that your old printer is ready to be put out to pasture.

Old-PrinterHave you noticed every time you print a document, it smears and bleeds? Are there large gobs of ink splattered all over your paper? It could be the printer causing this problem. The first thing to check is whether your paper quality is adequate and whether you are feeding it properly into the printer. Then check your settings and make sure you have not accidentally set your printer to “big glob dropping.” If neither of these unlikely scenarios appears to be the case, you should start shopping around for a replacement printer. An old printer may not perform as well.  The last thing you want is to ruin an important project because of an old, unreliable printer.

All printers will make noise, but if your printer is gurgling and thumping more than usual, it may be on its last legs. You should also expect some vibration from lower end printers, but excessive movement is not normal. If the printer is shaking, you risk it shaking itself right off its stand. This could leave you completely printerless, something you would not want to be in the middle of the night with an important paper due first thing in the morning. If you are beginning to expect your printer may not be working in a few weeks, try not to wait until the last minute to replace it. This way, you are in control of the time frame and price, and you can make the best decision. You will also know your new printer will be up and running long before you face an emergency printer situation.

When you are using an older printer, it may be tough to find the appropriate drivers, toner, or ink for the machine. If you feel you are paying an arm and a leg for everything you need to run the printer, it may be time for an upgrade. Printer companies want to push their new products so they will raise the price of outdated features, encouraging consumers to buy a new printer. This way, they can push newer inks and toners, and discontinue making the old cartridges. Even if you do not like the idea of giving into the printer manufacturer’s whims, it may do your wallet a world of good to upgrade.

Older printers are often very basic. You may not realize how many conveniences have been added to printers over the years. If you upgrade, it could save you a lot of time and effort. Newer printers offer options that do not involve turning on your computer. This could save energy and time. You can also buy a mobile printer that can be used outside of the home. You can save money by choosing a new, multifunctional printer. For those who fax, copy, and scan, this can be a great money saving investment.

Giving up on your old printer may be a tough decision, but one you will be happy with once you make the leap. Start shopping around, and you can get the most features for the best deal in your own good time.



Buying a New Printer for University

October 16, 2009

If you are heading off to university, or your child is making the trip, you may want to consider purchasing a printer for the dorm room or university apartment. Even if your campus boasts a large computer lab with a certain amount of printing free of charge, you may still have to deal with long [...]

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October 15, 2009

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Purchasing a Brand New Printer

August 27, 2009

Those purchasing a brand new printer will more than likely be offered an extended warranty option. This will be available at an additional cost, but the salesperson will explain how it will save money in the long run should the printer malfunction. But for a small technological appliance like a printer, is an extended warranty [...]

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