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HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless

HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless

The HP Officejet 8000 Pro Wireless Inkjet Printer is a mid-range inkjet printer, aimed at home and small office users and designed to be an alternative to the cheap, low-end colour laser printers that have become readily available over the last few years. With a price tag of around the £100 mark, it is one of the more expensive inkjets available but still cheaper than a laser.

The first thing we noticed when setting up this machine was it does have a fairly large footprint and a fair bit of weight behind it, so you will need a large space on a sturdy surface for placement. Despite being large it does score high on the aesthetics front with its curved edges, meaning that it will blend into any space in which it is placed.

Set up is very straightforward. It is a single function printer so the software is simple, just the print driver and an internet print utility. Setting the wireless functionality up will take a little longer but the guided installation makes this a breeze. Once installed and switched on, the printer will begin its initialisation process. Maybe it’s just us, but this seemed to take a long time. At least 20 minutes passed before we could use it, and during that time it printed several test pages which to us seemed unnecessary and could have been condensed into one single sheet. The control panel is very intuitive and using the machine is as simple as can be.

Installation of ink cartridges which equally as simple. A front opening door allows the cartridges to simply slot in, and a top opening flap allows easy insertion of the print heads. The machine takes the HP 940 ink cartridges, which are also available in an XL version for black, cyan, magentaand yellow. While the HP 940s aren’t the cheapest cartridge, they certainly have a capacity that justifies the cost. It does have replaceable print heads though, which will need periodically changing and thus adding to the running costs. That said, it is still far cheaper than running a colour laser, and at the end of the day that is the target this printer is aiming for.

Once we began actually printing, the machine really sold itself to us. The speed comes very close to that advertised, 35ppm and 34ppm for black and colour print in draft mode and 15ppm and 11ppm for the equivalent in normal mode. Quality is not compromised either, with text and graphics being produced at near laser quality, and photographs printing at a quality that current laser printers could never hope to achieve. Another feature that impressed us is the fact that the machine comes with a duplexer, meaning that it can print on both sides of the paper. Most inkjet printers do not have this feature, and some low-end lasers lack it to.

In conclusion, the HP Officejet 8000 Pro is a fantastic printer for it’s price. If you are looking for a simple home printer for the occasional photos and the kids homework etc, then this may be overkill and too expensive; there certainly are cheaper inkjets available. But if you want quality photographs and high volumes of text with forking out for the high running costs of a laser, then this printer is a top choice.

Available to buy from IT247



Epson R300 Inkjet Printer Review

by Rich on March 23, 2010

Epson R300 Photo printer

Epson R300 Photo printer

Reviews are mixed for this moderately priced printer. Some users are pleased with the production and for basic printing jobs they have no complaints. They feel the printer is sturdy and stands up to a lot of handling, so if you will be moving the printer from one location to another, this may be the right option for you. If you are printing with Epston R300 inkjet cartridges on high quality photo paper, you will have no problems with smearing or ink running. People who have a great deal of inkjet printer experience at home and work feel this is a high quality printer. However, for as many people as there are who report their printer works well and stands up to all sorts of printing, there are just as many who are not so fond of the Epson 300 Inkjet.
Most report the printer eats the Epson R300 injet cartridges like handfuls of candy. The warning light of the printer comes on long before the printer is low on ink. If you are using this printer, it is important to make sure you do not change the ink cartridges until they are truly low. If you want to make borderless prints on photo paper, you will have issues if you do not use Epson paper. Another user reports that if you print on CDs and the CD gets wet, it will smear. Some people found that if you use Epson CD labels, this problem will not happen. However, if you do not get the other (cheaper) labels wet, you will probably have no problems.
Other experienced users had far greater issues with the printer. Some people had problems with the printer breaking, and many of them are unhappy with the amount of Epson R300 inkjet cartridges they had to buy to keep the printer up and running. Other users had issues with the ink getting clogged, especially on the colors they did not use as often as black.
Basically, this is a hit or miss printer. If you are looking for a less expensive printer, it may stand up to your needs but there are cheaper printers that work just as well or better. However, if you were to find this printer used and for a rock bottom price, you could probably make it work for your needs.



Personalised Gift Ideas Using Your Inkjet Printer

September 1, 2009

Those searching for great gift ideas may need to look no further than their home office. Your computer and printer can supply endless ideas of creativity. Those that have creative ideas of their own can design and produce unique projects using their printer. Best of all, these projects are often uncomplicated and very affordable. If [...]

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Inkjets vs. Laser Printers: The Pros and Cons

August 19, 2009

Inkjet printers and laser printers both have their benefits and drawbacks. Which one is right for you will probably depend on the type and volume of printing you’re doing. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between inkjet and laser printers. Inkjets are cheaper up front; lasers are cheaper over the long term. [...]

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