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Canon-Pixma-MP270 ink cartridges

The Canon Pixma MP270

Looking for a printer suitable for sending with your son or daughter to school? The Canon Pixma MP270 may be the right printer for you. It features all of the basics a student will need and it is an all-in-one printer, which means they can print their photos right in their dorm room. The PictBridge port offers a direct connection for certain models of digital video recorders and digital cameras. This allows users to print directly from their camera without a computer attachment. You can print 4X6” photos in under a minute and it features a 1200dpi scanner. This is not the most complicated, most expensive, or most state-of-the-art printer on the market, but it is all a college student could ask for and then some.

Quick Start technology is on every Canon MP270 so you will be able to begin printing quickly. There is also an autoscan mode which enables the printer to detect the size of the content on the scanning screen. These features, plus the self-opening output tray, make for a very user-friendly printer.

Users of the Canon MP270 can download Easy WebPrint EX from the Canon website, which will enable them to clip frames from a website and print or save them on the computer. You can also combine clips from different websites onto a single page, which saves you ink and paper, and makes for a handy feature for school assignments. The printer features Auto Fix II, which is an efficient auto-correction of underexposed photographs. This sames time and effort when working with photo prints, and it will also save you the effort of purchasing additional photo editing software.

The printer produces the highest quality images when you use Canon MP270 inkjet cartridges that are labeled FINE. These are dye-based inks that are perfect for photo prints because there is additional blank pigment ink that creates what Canon calls “…a sharp, crisp image.”

The printer retails for about £65 and Canon MP270 inkjet cartridges are reasonably priced at around £30 for a pair.



Those looking for an incredibly affordable printer will love this model. The price has dropped 70% since it was originally launched just a short time ago.The printer is designed for home users and it uses a two-cartridge system which is unusual for Canon. The print speed clocks in at around 13 pages per minute for the single colour print jobs in normal mode. Colour printing runs around eight pages, also in normal mode. It also has photo printing capabilities and it takes about 60 seconds to print a 4X6” print. Most owners of this printer report being pleased with its functionality despite how basic it is. It is not comparable to many of the fancy-pants printers on the market today, but considering the price of around £30, there can hardly be many complaints. The printer is stylish all decked out in black and some believe that gives it a higher-end appearance.

Also making it appear sleek is the lack of an output tray, but make sure you have it set on a table or desk that has space to catch your papers. It is a small printer, so if you are working in a compact space, it would still be ideal, even though you need a surface to catch the printing output.The rear paper tray of the machine folds down onto the front cover and the manual control features include only two buttons: one for undoing paper jams and feeding, and the on/off switch.

Canon IP1900 inkjet cartridges are priced reasonably for ink cartridges, around £15 per cartridge, but when you consider this is half of the cost of the printer, it seems a bit expensive. Re-manufactured ink is available for a bit less, but the £5 or so savings is hardly worth a trip across town to avoid the name-brand variety.

All in all, this is a great bargain printer. You will not be able to use it for big print jobs and the cost of the Canon IP1900 inkjet cartridges may add up over time, but if you want a quality new printer for a low price, give it a shot.



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October 29, 2008

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Jettec Compatible Canon CLI-8 & PG-5 Chipped Cartridges Now Available

July 10, 2008

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