Things to do While Shopping for Printer Ink

by Rich on December 7, 2009

It can be fairly frustrating, having to run to the store halfway through a project because your printer has run low on ink. Not only is it expensive, it can be time consuming.Hp-ink However, if you are able to accomplish several tasks all while purchasing your ink at a traditional office supplies store, it may remove the sting of inconvenience.

Now would be a great time to stock up on paper. Imagine getting back home, revving up your printer again, filled to the brim with new ink, only to find you are out of paper. Avoid this by purchasing a few reams while at the office supply store. Also think about any upcoming projects. Will you be needing any special paper in the near future? Grab it while it is nearby.

You can buy yourself a planner while you are at the office supply shop. This means that once you have finished the current project, you will have a place to jot down notes and schedule your next bit of work. Look for a planner that offers refillable calendar space so you can use it year after year. You may also want an address book and note-space, which will be a great place to jot down “get printer ink” before you run out the next time.

Some people do not realize this, but you can purchase snacks and coffee at office supply shops. This is meant as a convenience for those who are in charge of their office workroom. However, if you are planning on a late night, you might as well have some sustenance. You may even be able to pick up a new coffee pot if yours is on the fritz.

You can purchase all of your office furniture at the same time you buy printer ink. Granted, it may not be high on your list if you are trying to make a quick run to the store. But if you have been thinking of upgrading your home office space, there is no harm in taking a few minutes to browse. This way, you will know what this store has to offer and it may save you a trip in the future.

Think of a few of the necessities you may need in addition to printer ink. Are you running low on batteries? Will you need to save your work on disc or CD? Will you be mailing any part of your important project and will you need padded envelopes or mailing labels? All of these materials can be found at the office supply store.

Nothing would be more awful then having a computer crash because of an electrical overload. It could mean you will lose all of the hard work you have been doing. While at the office supply store, pick up a surge protector. This can protect your computer, your printer, and various other technological gadgets from electrical harm.

When your project is complete, you will want to clean up your workspace. If you are working with sensitive material, be sure you have a paper shredder handy to dispose of the material. Finally, the office supply store sells various cleaning supplies like air cans and glass wipe so you can leave your workspace in good order. The next time you find yourself making a special trip to the store just for printer ink, consider how you can make things more efficient. Shop for all you may need to complete your project in a comfortable, clean environment.

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