Samsung CLP-300 Printer Review

by Rich on September 23, 2009

The CLP-300 laser printer will fit almost anywhere in your home without taking up too much room whatever size the room. The paper tray can take up to 150 sheets of a variety of types of paper such as A4, envelopes, postcards and not only that it will shield your paper from dust.

A Good fact about the design of this printer is that with simple expansions or contractions you can adjust it the correct paper size. The rest of the machine, from the setup to driver configuration and troubleshooting is simple and easy to configure.
Another great factor of this Samsung printer is the easy and straightforward set-up guide. The guide shows you how to setup your Samsung CLP-300 and how to get the most out of your printer in few and easy to understand instructions. The hardest thing you’ll probably find is popping your Samsung CLP-300 Toner Cartridges in it, the rest of the process is completed by the automated installation.

Samsung CLP-300 Printer

When it’s finished its installation and hardware setup, the CLP-300 will automatically print off a page telling you that everything is fine and working correctly and the asking you to be patient for a minute or two for the printer to become ready to use.
The Samsung printer is a four-pass printer which means it will take four times as long to print a colour page compared to a monochrome one. Basically the monochrome one will print out at 16 pages per minute compared to a slow standard of 4 pages per minute for a colour page. The first page out time will be about 14 seconds but don’t worry as this will increase to about 26 seconds when colour printing.

As the Samsung CLP-300 is a fairly cheap printer you won’t be seeing any amazing LCD or amazing Technicolor control panel but rather a single LED indicator for each colour of toner, stop button and another LED for status changes. Any other communication from your printer will take place by a pop-up status panel which comes with the driver software.

After reading this review decide for yourself whether this is a printer you would like to purchase this great CLP-300 from Samsung.

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