How to Remove Printer Ink & Toner

by Rich on November 30, 2009

There are few office mishaps as annoying as spilling printer toner or ink on your clothing or the carpet.Spilled Ink

It is a common complaint among office employees that their white clothing ends up soiled by stains in just a few months. Those who are looking for the appropriate way to remove printer stains should read on for tips and tricks.

Removing toner powder is fairly easy as long as you remain calm and you do not start rubbing the spill. The best thing to do is get a vacuum, if one is available, and vacuum the powder from your clothing or from the carpet. You should then wash the fabric with cold water or rubbing alcohol. If you have spilled on the carpet, use a paper towel to blot the stain with cold water or alcohol. Again, remember not to rub the spill. Finally, allow the fabric to air dry. Putting heat anywhere near a toner spill will set the stain and it will be impossible to remove.

If you have spilled a water-based ink, you can blot the spill with a cool, wet paper towel. If the spill is on clothing, place the fabric on an old white towel, apply water, and blot with a cloth. You can then spray the stain with rubbing alcohol or a mix of dish soap and water. Sandwich the fabric between to paper towels and blot from the back. This will force what remains of the stain out of the fabric. As the bottom paper towel soaks up the stain, move the towel so the clean area is catching the stain.

Once you have removed the majority of the stain, wash the fabrics according to the label directions, or in cool water. Do not put the fabric in the dryer until the stain is completely gone. If you need to blot with alcohol and rewash, do so before drying the material.

If you have spilled ink on the carpet, it is best to use a butter knife or spoon to scoop up as much as possible. Be careful not to smear the ink onto the carpet when doing this. Then use a cloth wetted with cold water or rubbing alcohol and dab at the stain. Do not pour the alcohol or water onto the stain because it will seep into the back of the carpet and the floor beneath the carpet. You can also mix one cup of water with 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Spray this mix onto the carpet and dab with a paper towel until it appears no ink is being raised.

Blot the soapy area with a towel wetted with only water until there appears to be no more soap. Allow the surface to dry completely and determine if you need to complete the blotting process a second time.

Knowing how to remove ink and toner stains before they set in can save you a lot of frustration and panic should either of the materials spill on the floor or on your clothing. The two most important things to remember is not to rub the spill and always use cold liquid for the removal process.

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