How to Print Postcards with Your Own Printer

by Rich on August 21, 2009

A postcard is a great way to communicate with potential clients, friends, and family. Everyone loves receiving mail, and giving someone something tangible by which to remember you is a great way to keep your name on the tip of their tongue. They are economical, more environmentally friendly than large press packets or brochures, and they can be close at hand when a potential customer is in need of your service. Personally, postcards are a great way to fill family and friends in on current events in your life. It only takes a minute to write a brief message and drop the card in the mail. Best of all, postcard stamp rates are lower than that of a regular letter, so you will be saving money by sending a postcard.

Printing postcards

Instead of purchasing individual postcards with kitschy sayings or local landmarks, create your own with your personal computer and printer, right in the comfort of your own home. The graphic options are limitless. If using the postcards for business, be sure to include your contact information and a call to action. A call to action is the behaviour you wish to incite in the postcard recipient. For instance, you may want the potential customer to visit your company website to learn more. In large, bold print on the postcard, include an invitation and the website address.

Another great way to get someone to take action when you only have a few lines of text to convey your message is to include something that will benefit them. You may want to offer them an online discount if they visit your website. You can also offer them a coupon. This way, when they make a purchase, they can include the coupon or coupon code with their payment information. This is a fantastic way in which to track the effectiveness of your postcard mailing.

When designing your postcard, be creative. Determine the size, colour, and stock of your paper ahead of time. Be sure the paper is sturdy enough to survive handling in the mail. The images and text should be consistent and pleasing colour schemes and fonts. It is important that you not overload the postcard with too many images or too much text. Balance photos and phrases, and utilize large, bold fonts. Three or four bullet points usually work best for helping most people retain your company message.


If you are creating personal postcards, include a few special photos and add a handwritten message. Keep your message brief since postcard space is small. You can direct someone to your personal blog, or encourage them to write back. A post card is a great idea for contacting kids. You can create a large postcard with a perforated edge that can be torn off and returned to you with the child’s response. Be sure to address the card with your return address, and include additional postage if necessary.

Speaking of postage, before completing a large business mailing, take a sample of your postcard to the post office. Have them give you an exact cost of postage. Be sure that small changes will not result in a large financial difference. For instance, will a postcard that is just one inch shorter lessen the cost of postage by a penny or more? This could mean a significant amount of money if you are doing a bulk mailing.

Postcards made from your printer are a great business tool and a fantastic way to catch up with old friends. Get creative and design your own. You will be surprised how much money you will save and how much interest you can generate with a postcard.

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