Five New Printers in 2009

by Rich on October 15, 2009

Each year plenty of printers are released to the consumer market, creating even more options for those shopping for a new machine. In 2009, there were a few standouts. Read on to find options for each price point with a variety of different features.

HP Photosmart A636

For a practical and affordable option, take a look at the HP Photosmart A636. Unlike a lot of reasonably priced printers, this one offers an attractive design that does not look like a printer from a decade ago. It offers improved photo prints and editing features that do not require the use of the computer. This is a fantastic option for those interested in printing their own pictures without the help of a photo developing service. It features a large touch screen so it is easy to work with, even if your eyes and fingers are not ideal for tedious computer work. It is an inkjet printer and retails for around £90. Some report it is slower than average, but if you are patient and in need of quality photo prints, it is a great option.

Canon Pixma MP630

Those in search of a printer that is great for photo printing but does so at a higher speed, may want to consider the Canon Pixma MP630. It can print up to 4-5 pages of text per minute, and it looks just as stylish and modern as the HP printer. It retails for around £155.

The Samsung CLP 315W is a laser printer that is very affordable for home and small business users. It is sleek and black, and offers laser printing for an inkjet price. Some feel the printing speed is slow, but for the laser sharp quality, it is worth the wait. This printer retails for around £150, which is very reasonable for a quality laser printer.

Samsung CLP 315W

Those looking for workhorse printers should consider one of the newer Epson products. Both the Epson Workforce 610 and 1100 retail for around £120. The 610 is an all-in-one printer that features a 63.5 mm LCD screen. It can print 38 pages per minute for black and white inkjet images, and 15 pages per minute of laser quality images. The 1100 is very comparable to the 610, but it operates at an improved speed. You can print about 17 pages per minute in laser quality print.

Epson Workforce 610

Finally, for those who need to be the first on their block with the most updated and cutting edge technology, Dimension Printing is now offering the Personal 3-D Printer. This prints “model-like” 3-D materials. This is a relatively small machine at 635X660 mm, considering what it is capable of. It comes in a variety of colors, which may remind many of the colors Apple uses in their line of computers and laptops. This machine enables users to create a 2 dimensional image on screen and print it into an actual 3-D object, allowing users to create 3-D objects from their ideas on screen. As amazing as it is, this printer does not come cheap. The suggested retail price is right around £9,000.

Regardless of whether you are an avid scrapbooker or a highly technical graphic designer, there is a new printer on the market for you. Take a look around and decide if it is time for an upgrade.

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