Print Your Own Wedding Invites & Stationery

by Rich on September 21, 2009

Everyone that has ever planned a wedding knows how expensive everything can be. Even those planning a simple event with few guests find themselves marveling at the price vendors charge for their services. There are ways to cut costs though, with a little do-it-yourself know-how. If you can tackle some of the smaller tasks on your own, that leaves you more money to concentrate on things you know you can not handle yourself.

Any of the printed materials can be made with your printer at home, and they can be created well in advance of the big day. Leading up to the wedding, you will find numerous occasions which call for printed materials. Are you are engaged, you will want to send announcements to your friends and family. A simple postcard is inexpensive and simple to make. It may be too early to choose a consistent color scheme, so just make the cards fun and include a photo of the two of you taken around the time of the engagement.

Wedding Invitiation

If you choose to have a long engagement, you can keep people up to date with a wedding newsletter. These may take a little time, but they are a great way for guests to get to know one another prior to the wedding. Send your newsletter once a month, bi-monthly. or choose a round number like six or ten for total newsletters. Introduce the wedding party, announce events in guest’s lives, and update everyone on plans for the big day.

Those opting not to send a wedding newsletter may want to alert everyone to their upcoming wedding with a save the date card. A small postcard sent a few months in advance lets everyone know to keep the big day free. This is a much simpler mailing than the invitations, and is usually just a small postcard including the date and location of the ceremony. Design it so guests can post it on their bulletin board and keep the upcoming date in mind.

One of the most expensive parts of any wedding is the invitations. When you add up the costs of the cardstock, the printing and embossing, envelopes, RSVP cards, and postage, you could be looking at a bill well over £500. Making your own means complete creative control and significantly lower cost. Choose colors that coordinate with the colors of the wedding. This is a great time to begin incorporating your wedding theme. Invitations printed at home are probably better suited for a less formal wedding, but modern paper and printer options may have even the most elegant of brides choosing to make her own.

Wedding Program

In preparation for the ceremony and reception, you will want to create a program that includes names of those in the wedding party, readings or speeches given during the ceremony, and any special commemorative notes. Some brides choose to have a program for their reception as well. This gives guests an idea of what time expected events will occur. You can also include fun notes to guests or special thanks to those that have supported your relationship. Finally, if you are having formal seating, you can print your own placecards to direct everyone to their seats.

If your engagement and wedding planning has left you wondering how you are going to cover the expense of the special day, consider creating the printed materials at home. You can use your printer for basic needs, or you can get creative and add flare to your ceremony and reception. Your printer will be an invaluable tool during your wedding planning.

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