Using Your Printer For Homeschooling

by Pete on December 8, 2009

If you have a child or children in homeschool you may be surprised to realize how much a printer can add to your lesson plans.home-school Having a home printer is necessary for a home school program, but you may want to consider an upgrade. Start simple, and work to incorporate your printer into your homeschool lessons.

First, be sure your lessons are age appropriate. For younger students, you can print coloring sheets from images that are practical for each of your lessons. You can also convert custom images into black and white images for coloring. Imagine teaching your preschooler about extended family by allowing them to color images of their relatives. You can also print a variety of images that are relative to lesson plans for any age. Coloring may be primarily for younger children, but it can be relaxing and therapeutic for children with special needs, or for older children that just need a break from things.

A popular use for printers is scrapbooking. Scrapbooking can be incorporated into a homeschool program, helping children remember their lessons and exercise their creativity. Students can scrapbook family events or events they find in the news. A current events scrapbook is a great way to get children active in learning about the world around them.

If you find your homeschool student is interested in current events, perhaps they would want to write a letter to the editor of a local paper. Once the letter is completed, the student can fax their letter using a multifunctional printer. Imagine the thrill your homeschool student will feel when they read their letter printed in the newspaper!

Multifunctional printers are also great for studying. Students can copy textbook passages and assignments to study from at their convenience. Copying lessons is especially helpful if you have more than one child and the younger child will be following the same homeschool curriculum in the coming years.

If your child enjoys writing, they may be interested in creating a newsletter as a part of their homeschool lessons. They can use the copier function on the multifunctional printer to create copies of their newsletter to share with family and friends. A child will be motivated to keep writing and creating if they are able to see their hard work in a tangible form like a newsletter. The feedback they receive will also encourage their creativity.

The printer itself can also offer a lesson. If you are upgrading to a new printer, keep the old one on hand for the technology-minded child to explore. The old printer gives them a way to explore the inner workings of a printer. They can also help with the installation and set up of the new printer. Before long your homeschool child will be more familiar and comfortable than the adults working with technology.

Another great use for printers in homeschooling is art lessons. Kids can create cards, tags, and various graphic images to print and enjoy. Homeschooling gives kids the advantage of nearly unlimited access to computers and printers in the home. Be sure to utilize these items to their full advantage when homeschooling.

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