Using Your Printer to Make Your Christmas Party Better

by Pete on December 21, 2009

Free Pictures | acobox.comIf you are in need of decorations for your home or office Christmas party, turn to you printer. Without banners, streamers, signs, and announcements, your party will be lackluster. Even if you have put off planning your holiday events and it is suddenly the morning of the big party, there is still time to get things together enough to impress your co-workers and guests.

If you have the foods, snacks, candycanes, and egg nog, the only thing left is decorations. Lights and ornaments are what first come to mind for decorations. You may even have your tree up and decorated in time for the party. However, there are additional ideas you can use your printer for. Print a banner covered with Christmas clipart and images. If there is time, include some scanned photo images from previous holiday parties. It will be a reminder of the fun you have had in the past. Place the images around a Christmas message like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Joyous Noel.”

Lucky enough to have a 3-D printer in your home or office? Use it to create all sorts of fun images and ornaments of your own making. You can create images for party guests to decorate and take with them after the party has ended.

You can also use your printer to help guide guests to events and food dishes. Place labels in front of bowls of juice and treats baked with love so everyone knows what their choices are. If the party has been a pitch in and everyone brought a dish, you can label each dish with the chef’s name. This way, people will know who to ask for the recipe of their favorite dish.

 If games are planned, use your printer to create programs for everyone. This way, they will know what to expect. People want some time to mingle, but once their bellies are full and they have exchanged holiday greetings, they may not know what to do next. Announce on your program that at such and such a time, there will be a white elephant gift exchange, a pin the nose on the reindeer game, or karaoke of everyone’s favorite Christmas carols. This way, the party will flow and everyone will know what to expect!

 A Christmas party is a great excuse to put your printer to work. Make the party fun for everyone by printing out decorations for the walls and the table, and information about party events and games.

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