Philips Crystal Fax Machine Will Not Recognise Ink Cartridge

Some of our customers have found that they are having problems with the card not being recognised that it is used to activate their Philips ink cartridge. They have asked us if there is any way to activate the cartridge.

The cards and cartridges that people are experiencing problems with are used in the Philips Crystal Series of Fax Machines – Philips Crystal 650 – Philips Crystal 660 – Philips Crystal 665

Philips PFA 541 standard capacity black ink cartridge
Philips PFA542 high capacity black ink cartridge
Philips PFA544 standard capacity colour ink cartridge
Philips PFA546 high capacity colour ink cartridge

After being told by Philips technical support (Sagem) that there is no problem and to return the cartridges through the normal channel we have come across a solution that was sent to us by one of our customers. We cannot guarantee that it will work for everybody but we have given this answer to several people and it has worked for them that is why we decided to share it and put it on the blog.

The card is not wrong, but you must update your software to version 4.02 to enable the fax machine to recognise the card.

1. Go to “
2. Choose your country
3. Select your machine.
4. Select your product E.G. ( Crystal 650 )
5. Click on Driver/softwares
6. Right-click on Fiirmware Crystal 650, version 4.02 and “save as” onto your Hard Drive, where you can easily find it.
7. The file has a .FWF extension and you probably cannot open it.
8. Connect your Philips fax machine to the PC, load the new cartridge and insert the card.
9. From Companion suite IH, open Companion update device, browse to and insert the firmware file that you saved. Click the upload button.

10 When the uploading is completed, you will see in the printer screen ” Card checked. Withdraw the card.

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