Personalised Gift Ideas Using Your Inkjet Printer

by Rich on September 1, 2009

Those searching for great gift ideas may need to look no further than their home office. Your computer and printer can supply endless ideas of creativity. Those that have creative ideas of their own can design and produce unique projects using their printer. Best of all, these projects are often uncomplicated and very affordable. If you are stuck for gift ideas for the next big event, read on for some great tips and inspiration.


Personalized notepads are a great way to let someone know you created a gift especially for them. Recipients will appreciate their versatility and usefulness, and each time they pull their notepad out to jot something, they will think of you. You can design your own pattern or utilize photos or clip art. There are a number of paper choices available that are sturdy and easy to work with, or you can choose plain paper and add your own embellishments. To bind your notepad, choose spiral binding, glue, or metal rings. All of these materials can be found at an office supply store, where they may offer an option for you to have your work professionally bound.

Personalized Notebook

Photo Collages and Mosaics

A great gift for someone is a photo collage. You can pull a variety of photos together into one display and with photo editing software, print them into a collage. The software gives you the option of toying with the arrangement before printing. This is a great way for your gift recipient to have a display of memories and family members from over the years.

If you want something a bit less personal, or you do not have access to personal photos, create a mosaic. Choose colorful graphic images and arrange them onto a display in a pleasing pattern. The goal of a mosaic is for the work to be a bit more abstract than a collage. Sometimes, small images work together to create one large image when viewed from a distance. Either of these options create an artistic gift that anyone would love to display.

Personalized Coaster
Coasters are used on a table so the condensation of a drink does not cause damage to the table. They are easy and fun to create using your computer and printer. You are able to use personal images, graphic patterns found online, or images of interest such as sports logos, hobby-related pictures, and personal favorites like flowers or animals. In addition to your printer and paper, you will need cork that can be cut into shapes like squares or circles. Use a waterproof adhesive when adhering your paper image to the cork. You will also want to seal the coaster when finished to ensure the coaster is safe and will not be ruined when it gets wet.

Stained Glass Images

Those wishing to create an artistic gift will love the effect of an image printed on a transparencies. For a lot less effort and a much lower cost, you can imitate the look of stained glass. These transparent sheets can be hung in a window, allowing the sun to shine through the transparent image. For an extra effect, frame your stained glass imitation.

Personalized stained glass printout

These are all great ideas for inexpensive gifts that can be created with your computer printer. Keep in mind that you can go the extra gift-giving mile and also create handmade gift wrap and gift cards with your printer. Your gift recipient will appreciate the thought and personalization of their printer-made gift.

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