How to Create Unique Gift Tags With Your Printer

by Rich on August 25, 2009

Anyone that has ever wrapped a gift late on Christmas Eve, only to discover there are no more gift tags, knows that having the ability to make your own would save a great deal of frustration. Gift tags help you identify the recipient of a wrapped gift, and help the recipient identify you as the gift giver. They keep things organized and avoid confusing situations during busy gift exchange sessions. The next time you are in the market for a new set of gift tags for an upcoming holiday, consider making your own using your computer printer.

gift tags

Gift tags are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be environmentally responsible. You can use old gift cards cut into small squares, and embellish them with ribbons and bows. Print the to and from information on the recycled cardboard of the greeting card and then cut with fancy scissors or pinking shears for an added flair.

When creating your gift tags on the computer, use the business card setting. This will enable you to print several gift tags at the same time. You can experiment with different fonts and colors before printing, or use scrap paper to get exactly the right look you are going for. Once printed, use colored pens, clip art, or buttons and sparkles to adorn your tags.

gift tags

There are a number of ways to exercise your creativity when creating gift tags. If you are giving a themed gift, try to make your gift tag match the theme. Perhaps you have created a wine and cheese basket. Your tag can include a photo of wine, or be modeled after a label on a wine bottle. You could go a step further and create a personalized label for the wine with matching wrapping paper, all coordinating with your gift tag. You can create tags and labels for home made food gifts, home brewed beer, or jars of chocolate or butterscotch sauce. Your gift tag can include the recipe for the item so the gift recipient can duplicate the recipe later.

If you are planning to make numerous identical gifts for the upcoming holiday, a popular thing to do for office or school gifts, create bulk labels. You can create a template, and label and tag your items all at once with identical tags, changing only the recipients name. If possible, try using photographs. Imagine what a treat it would be to receive a gift that has your photo instead of your name printed on the tag!

gift tags

For a truly special gift tag, decorate with 3-D embellishments. This is a great idea for a project for children. You can print the tags with names of the recipient and giver, and then hand them off to the kids to add sparkles and embellishments. Other great ideas for adornments for children are bows, woven ribbons, and used package toppers. This is a great way to recycle adornments that were included on old gift boxes. You can also print gift tags with clip art images and allow children to color them in once printed.

Concerned that you have no software for creating your computer printed gift tags? Visit the HP Activity Center or Canon’s Creativity Park. Both sites feature great ideas for gifts, wrapping paper, and tags. Those receiving gifts from you will appreciate the added flare of a home printed gift tag.

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