Best Option For Travel Printers

by Rich on October 5, 2009

It may surprise some home-bodies to know that a lot of people are looking for a convenient printing option they can carry with them. There are a number of reliable, compact printers on the market that are great for on-the-go printing. Choosing the best option for you is easy once you understand the features available in your price range.

Canon i80

The Canon i80 is an option that will work for those not looking to spend a great deal on a reliable travel printer. It is slender and lightweight, making it great for transporting. It offers a simple set-up so you will not be frustrated when getting started with using your new printer. It comes with a car charger, which is a great savings since the convenient gadgets can be pricey. The photo printing quality is exceptional. It does have a low paper capacity, so if you are printing a lot of large documents, it will require a lot of manual feeding. Some reported the paper feeder is not accurate, also requiring your attention when printing. The printer uses only Canon consumables, so do not count on generic ink options when replacining your ink cartridges. This printer retails for around £150.

The HP Deskjet 460 wbt is a wireless option that is easy to configure and typically has no connection issues. This means you can connect to the internet on the road without hooking up your laptop. It offers good text printing and usually has very few paper jams or feed errors. The consumable prices are reasonable, so even though you will have to use HP ink cartridges, you will not be spending an arm and a leg. There are also two memory card slots which allows you to pull information and photos right from the card to your printer. Some feel this printer uses a great deal of ink when printing in color, and they do not feel it has great photo quality. Its blocky shape and size also makes it less desirable as a travel option. The printer retails for around £193.

HP Deskjet 460

Another option from Canon, the ip90v is a very affordable option that will work for those who want a printer for text documents and images more than photos. It is lightweight and you can purchase a car charger for an additional fee. The “v” in the name stands for Vista enabled, a feature that is important if your computer uses the Vista operating system. The printing shows no graininess, but does have some color fading. It is not a high-quality photo printer, but is considered adequate for a travel printer of its price range. It does require manual configuration and installation, so plan on some time getting it set up at the beginning. The consumables are pricey and the printer has no memory slot. However, for right around £90, it is a good deal for the amount you will spend.

Finally, the Pentax PocketJet 3 is best known for its sleek, black design that barely looks like a printer. It fits in a laptop bag or backpack and is the most effective printing option for its size. It is speedy and offers 300 dpi printing. It is also Mac compatible. There is only a one page feed, so printing large documents will be very time consuming. The print quality is lower than on other travel printers, but adequate for the size and convenience of this printer. It retails for around £166.

Finding the right travel printer does not have to be frustrating. Determine what your needs are and shop for an option within your budget featuring those options.

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