Is Printer Ink Really Pricier Than Champagne?

by Pete on December 4, 2012

Many of you may have read the recent Daily Mail article stating that ‘Printer ink is pricier than Champagne’.Dom Perignon Champagne

If this is really true should we all stop printing and throw our printers away?

High OEM Ink Prices

Unfortunately the article in the Daily Mail is true when it states that buying printer ink is more expensive than buying champagne.  The example in the Daily Mail cites a price of 15p per a ml for a bottle of Dom Perignon.  When this is compared against an Epson T0711 black ink cartridge for example we can see that it is indeed true. The Epson T0711 ink cartridge contains a mere 5.5ml of ink and has an RRP of £10.44, this equates to a hefty £1.89 per ml of ink.

What is the Solution?

Some have suggested in response to this article that we should print less, or even more drastically stop printing all together. In truth as much as we may like to do this, inkjet printers are a modern day necessity. The solution is to use a third party ink that will reduce the cost without compromising on print quality.

Using the above example a compatible Epson T0711 black ink cartridge made by the award winning UK manufacturer Jet Tec contains 13.0ml of ink with an RRP of £5.49. This equates to £0.42 per ml compared to £1.89 per ml of ink for the Epson cartridge. Or to put it another way a saving of a whopping 78% by using a compatible Jet Tec ink cartridge instead of the Epson OEM ink cartridge.


It is a well-known fact that nearly all printer manufacturers sell their printers at a loss. They then recoup the deficit and make a very healthy profit by the high prices they charge for their ink cartridges. The smart move is to say to the printer manufacturer’s thank you very much for the cheap printer and then to stop buying the expensive OEM branded cartridges.

As we have shown you can save up to 78% of the cost of buying an OEM cartridge by using a high quality compatible cartridge. If you use a reputable company such as Jet Tec who make all their cartridges in the UK, then you don’t have to worry about print quality or that the cartridge will damage your printer.

They may still be more expensive than a bottle of bubbly per a ml but with the savings that you make over a year at least now you will be able to buy a couple of bottles!

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