Free Offsite Backup For Your Computer Data

The chances are you have a lot of important stuff on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant.

We had this unfortunate experience when a member of staff managed to erase a database and it was unrecoverable. Fortunately all our computers are backed up using Mozy Pro automated offsite backup and the database file was restored in less than 5 minutes. If you are not backing up your files would you be able cope if the unthinkable happened?

Over the years we have used several different backup solutions such as a dedicated backup hard drive on the network and also external hard drives that we backed up to weekly and stored off the premises. None of these solutions were ideal but anything is better than nothing. Our main concern was that if the computers were stolen or the building was destroyed by fire etc and the computers with it then the external back up was always at least a week out of date.

 This would have been better than nothing but then we discovered MozyPro Business Online Backup and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The main reasons that we chose Mozy over other offline backup solutions is that it is secure with 128-bit SSL encryption and backups up your data automatically. Just as important it is easy to use.

it is so good that I use the free version for home 2GB Free Online Backup – Mozy

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