Epson R300 Inkjet Printer Review

by Rich on March 23, 2010

Epson R300 Photo printer

Epson R300 Photo printer

Reviews are mixed for this moderately priced printer. Some users are pleased with the production and for basic printing jobs they have no complaints. They feel the printer is sturdy and stands up to a lot of handling, so if you will be moving the printer from one location to another, this may be the right option for you. If you are printing with Epston R300 inkjet cartridges on high quality photo paper, you will have no problems with smearing or ink running. People who have a great deal of inkjet printer experience at home and work feel this is a high quality printer. However, for as many people as there are who report their printer works well and stands up to all sorts of printing, there are just as many who are not so fond of the Epson 300 Inkjet.
Most report the printer eats the Epson R300 injet cartridges like handfuls of candy. The warning light of the printer comes on long before the printer is low on ink. If you are using this printer, it is important to make sure you do not change the ink cartridges until they are truly low. If you want to make borderless prints on photo paper, you will have issues if you do not use Epson paper. Another user reports that if you print on CDs and the CD gets wet, it will smear. Some people found that if you use Epson CD labels, this problem will not happen. However, if you do not get the other (cheaper) labels wet, you will probably have no problems.
Other experienced users had far greater issues with the printer. Some people had problems with the printer breaking, and many of them are unhappy with the amount of Epson R300 inkjet cartridges they had to buy to keep the printer up and running. Other users had issues with the ink getting clogged, especially on the colors they did not use as often as black.
Basically, this is a hit or miss printer. If you are looking for a less expensive printer, it may stand up to your needs but there are cheaper printers that work just as well or better. However, if you were to find this printer used and for a rock bottom price, you could probably make it work for your needs.

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