Ecofont the Environmentally Friendly Font That saves Ink

by Rich on October 13, 2009

When most people think of being environmentally responsible in an office environment, their minds immediately go to conserving paper. They may shop for a printer that allows them to print on both sides, they may use paper made from recycled materials, or they may opt not to print as many things as they did in the past. However, there is another way they can cut down their wasteful use of materials, while also saving themselves a great deal of money. An innovation known as Ecofont has been developed to help save computer and printer users ink when they are printing.


Ecofont was developed by the Spranq company, which was formed when ANZKY Media and Aestas (marketing) Communications merged. The company is a full-service creative communications agency, offering what they call “structured creativity.” The Utrecht-based company often works in the education, science, and cultural fields, and has experience with consulting and project management, creating copy and art such as t-shirts, movies, and posters, and web design. Spranq can be reached via their website at, where you will find the option to download Ecofont for free.

The company developed the font to help people who do a lot of printing. It is a reworking of the Vera Sans type, but each letter is speckled with small round holes. The font is similar to Swiss cheese. There is a complete piece of cheese even though there are holes. With Ecofont, each letter is complete and legible, but it is dotted with holes. As the ink or toner dries, it often bleeds. This bleeding may be so slight it cannot be detected during normal printing. However, with Ecofont, this bleeding fills in the holes that have been left in each letter, creating a letter where the holes are no longer visible once the print has dried. The font uses 20% less ink which, over time, can add up to a sizeable savings.


Prior to developing this solution to wasted ink, they experimented with a great deal of shapes and sizes. Most users have found it works best when printing with 9 or 10 point font. It works best when using word processing programs such as Open Office, AppleWorks, or MS Office 2007. Printing with a laser printer offers the best results. Some users feel it is no different than printing in gray scale, but others find that Ecofont is much easier to view on paper than gray scale. They have also noticed a significant difference in their ink savings when using Ecofont as opposed to gray scale.

One of the greatest advantages of Ecofont is it is free to download. This way, even if you find you prefer gray scale, you have not wasted any money. Some people love Ecofont for standard printing, but find if they are using larger type, it does not work as well. An advantage of using gray scale or draft mode is the ability to choose other font styles. However, if you are just looking for basic printing, and you would prefer your work to be printed in the most economical way possible, Ecofont is a great solution for fulfilling your printing needs.

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