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Jet Tec are one of the leading manufacturers of inkjet & laser toner cartridges in Europe.  They have achieved several awards since the brand was launched in 1996.

The company are now extremely pleased to be able to announce the addition of the Nordic Swan accreditation. Nordic Swan LogoIntroduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers, a non-profit body established in 1971, the Nordic Swan the Nordic Swan certificate is an eco-labelling scheme.

Millions of ink cartridges are thrown away each year, this has a negative effect on the environment.

Some of these effects are due to the fact that plastics take many years to decompose, & when placed in landfill sites ink is said to pollute the surrounding areas.

Using recycled printer cartridges helps to reduce the mountain of waste & the impact of pollution.  Jet Tec offer a range of products which are compatible with a variety of printers including, Canon, Epsom, Lexmark to name just a few.  As well as being an environmentally friendly option, these cartridges can be much more cost effective than those from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Jet Tec Toner Cartridges

The Nordic Swan is a scheme which estimates the impact a laser product has on the environment throughout its life.  The certificate is only given when a product meets the NCM’s high  environmental requirements.  In order to gain accreditation the company agrees for products to be analysed from start to finish of their life cycle.  Certain criteria has to be met, these include quality, functionality & health aspects.

Ink & Media Ltd have the full range of Jet Tec Toners available in our online store.



Several years ago, we posted an article on this blog in response to a number of people experiencing problems with the Philips Crystal Fax Machine. Due to a sudden resurgence of this problem, we have decided to repost it.

The following is a step by step guide on how to update your machine’s firmware to v4.02. This update should fix any problems the machine may have in recognising cards.

DISCLAIMER: This advice is for guidance only. A firmware update can render your machine inoperable if not performed correctly. If you are in any doubt, contact Philips Technical Support or use a qualified technician to perform the upgrade. Ink & Media Ltd can not accept any liability for damage caused to your equipment.

To Update the Philips Crystal Fax Machine firmware to version 4.02:

1. Go to “
2. Choose your country
3. Select your machine.
4. Select your product (Crystal 650/660)
5. Click on Driver/Software
6. Right-click on Fiirmware Crystal 650/660, version 4.02 and “Save As” onto your hard drive, where you can find it.
7. The file has a .FWF extension and you probably cannot open it.
8. Connect your machine to the PC, load the new cartridge and insert the card.
9. From Companion Suite IH, open Companion update device, browse and insert the file you saved. Click the upload button.
10 When the upload is complete, you will see on the printer screen ” Card Checked”. Withdraw the card.

The cartridge is now activated.

We hope this has resolved the problem for you. If not, please contact Philips Technical Support.

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