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Dirty Tricks Printer Manufacturers Use So You Buy More Ink

December 8, 2008

If you’ve ever felt like you were being manipulated into spending more on ink and toner, you’re not alone. The printer manufacturing industry makes the bulk of its profits on consumables, including ink and toner—and it goes to great lengths to preserve its market. However, their efforts aren’t exactly transparent—and consumers aren’t just getting mad; [...]

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Types of 3rd Party Ink Cartridges: Exploring Your Options

December 5, 2008

Interested in buying ink from a third-party provider? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people buy cartridges and ink from third-party online vendors, and for the most part, the ink is high quality and safe to use. However, there are several types of cartridges sold by third-party vendors, and each has its benefits and [...]

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The History of Canon

October 29, 2008

Canon is known today for its printers, copiers, and cameras. It began in 1930 as a small company called Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, started by Goro Yoshida and his brother-in-law, Saburo Uchida, to produce a 35-milimeter rangefinder camera—a camera with an adjustable focusing mechanism that could photograph far-away objects in sharp focus. The company’s first [...]

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Epson: A Hundred Years of Innovation

October 28, 2008

Today, Epson is a household name—and you can find Epson printers, scanners, computers, home theatre projectors, televisions, and other electronics in millions of homes and offices throughout the world. Most people don’t realize that the company’s full name is Seiko Epson, and it’s affiliated with a watch-making corporation that is over a hundred years old. [...]

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The History of Hewlett Packard

October 22, 2008

Hewlett Packard was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939. Classmates at Stanford University, the two started their business in a garage in Palo Alto under the mentorship of a professor, Frederick Terman. Their first product was an audio oscillator used by sound engineers.  It was bought by Disney to develop their innovative [...]

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The History of Ink

October 20, 2008

Ink is a liquid containing pigments that give it colour.  While today’s printer inks are often marvels of chemical engineering, the oldest inks used minerals, plant matter, and other materials to provide colour—and they’ve been in use for thousands of years. The earliest known use of ink occurred in China approximately 5,000 years ago, when [...]

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Seven Ways To Cut Printing Costs

October 17, 2008

Think you got a great deal on your printer? Think again. Manufacturers don’t make money selling printers—they make money selling ink. They price the printers low and the ink high, and you’ll have to keep buying those print cartridges.  It’s not unusual to spend much more on ink during your printer’s lifetime than you spent [...]

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Philips Fax Film a Guide to the Types of Philips Ink Films

April 30, 2008

The first Philips fax Ink film is for the Philips magic series of fax machines and is known as the Philips PFA 301  ink film, this will print up to 300 pages of A4 paper. The PFA 301 ink film is suitable for use in the following fax machines Philips Magic Vox, Philips PPF 200, Philips [...]

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Why Choose Jettec Ink Cartridges ?

December 21, 2007

I am often asked why we sell Jettec ink cartridges as opposed to other manufacturer’s brands of compatible cartridge. As with most things in life there is no one answer but the nice guys in Jettec’s technical department have released a product brief that they kindly have allowed me to reproduce. This informative guide provides [...]

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Ink and Media Ltd 3+ Pricing Structure

September 14, 2007

Over the last four or five months we have redesigned our pricing structure. You now get lower prices when you buy three or more of a particular ink cartridge or fax film. This gives cheaper prices to people who use greater quantities or a lot of one particular colour. Most people find that they use [...]

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