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How to Choose What Paper to Print on Using an Inkjet Printer

June 2, 2009

Ink and paper are the two consumables you’ll need to buy most often for your printer. There are many types of paper on the market, each designed for different uses. Here’s a run-down of the types of paper you’ll find in stores-and what they’re designed for. Matte Paper. A bit heavier than bright white paper, [...]

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How to Clean a Printer

April 6, 2009

Ever notice black lines, faded text, or ink splotches on your printed documents-even when you know you have plenty of ink in your cartridges? Your printer may need a good cleaning.  Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to produce clean, defect-free documents every time. Unplug the printer. The printer should be turned off and [...]

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How to Clear a Paper Jam—Without Damaging Your Printer

March 24, 2009

Your fifty-page report is printing out beautifully one minute, and the next you’ve got a flashing light and an incomprehensible error message-and all progress stops. Paper jams can be a regular annoyance in the office-and rest assured if you own a printer, you’ll get one at least once or twice during the printer’s lifetime.  A [...]

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