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Canon IP4200 Inkjet Printer Review

by Pete on February 4, 2010

Canon Pixma IP4200 Printer
The Canon IP4200 Inkjet printer is a budget friendly printer that, best of all, offers budget friendly ink cartridges. If you are searching for a printer that can print text and images on two sides of paper, this may be the right printer for you. The printer is a four-color inkjet, and it can alternate between different paper stock. It is a great printer for the amateur photographer or the scrapbook enthusiast. The printer has the ability to easily switch between different paper stocks due to its dual paper trays, and you can print photos with or without borders.  These print trays are capable of holding up to 300 sheets of paper.

Set up for the printer is easy, so if this is your first home printer, or you are a computer novice, you will not be frustrated with this product. Basic set up includes installing the USB cable to your computer and downloading the appropriate driver. If you are planning to use it for photograph printing – and you should! – be sure to install the optional photo organizing and editing software.

A frustration some may have with the printing capabilities is switching between trays. When working on a print job, it may be easy to send your project to the wrong print tray, resulting in text printed on photo paper or photos printed on regular paper stock. When you are first using the printer, it will be easier to focus on print destination, but once you are used to the printer, it is easier to make mistakes without thinking. Remember to keep this special feature in mind and watch out for mistakes so you do not waste photo paper stock. A great feature can become a nuisance quickly if you waste expensive photo paper!

The printer is of the four-color variety with 9,600 X 400 dpi color resolution. The Canon ChromoLife 100-ink system is supposed to resist fading for up to three decades, if you use Canon photo paper and keep the photo behind glass. The photo paper is reasonably priced at £3.00 – £6.00 for glossy or matte paper. If you keep your photos in an album with plastic protective sheeting, Canon claims they will last up to 100 years. This is great news for scrapbook buffs who want to preserve memories for future generations. The printer also has the ability to print on transparencies, envelopes, and letterhead quality stock.

The printer is user friendly and offers page setup options that include size and oritentation, background and watermark, and number of copies. You also have effects options like optimization, noise reduction, contrast adjustment, and sepia coloring. Your settings can be saved so no need for readjustment is needed from one project to the next. Color balance can be auto adjusted or you can do it manually, and if you prefer to print most jobs in grayscale, it requires only a checkbox before printing.

If you are worried about keeping tabs on the maintenance needs of your printer, there are options to make it simpler. You can check printhead alignment, bottom-plate cleaning, and nozzle checks and cleaning. A monitoring system notifies users when the Canon Ip4200 inkjet cartridges begin to run dry. From the drop-down menu, you can choose the paper type and print tray, continuous feed from both trays, and you can make choices for print type including draft, standard, and high-quality. There is also a custom setting with features like diffusion, dithered, or auto half-toning.

Ink refills are available for the very reasonable cost of between £6.00 and £14.00. You can purchase them in bulk for even greater savings. If you are looking for a simple, user-friendly printer that will not break the bank when it comes to replacing it with Canon Ip 4200 inkjet cartridges, give this printer a shot. Whether you are working from home or designing family scrapbooks, you will not be disappointed.

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