Cake Decorating With Your Printer

by Pete on November 24, 2009

Free Pictures | acobox.comFew realize that the detailed images created on expensive bakery cakes can be made right in your own home. A lot of cake decorators use screen-printed images to transfer a design onto a cake, especially in the case of using a licensed character or image. Instead of spending an arm and a leg at the bakery, use a printer to create the image yourself. Once you learn how to do it, there are endless options for decorating your cake.

First, you will need to find edible “paper.” These sheets are sold online or in some craft or baking stores. Kopycake makes a variety of sizes and shapes that are all safe for your printer and for your belly. Next, you need edible ink. Again, Kopycake sells edible ink, as do several other companies including Photofrost and Tasty Fotoart. All can be ordered online in a variety of different colors. There are also refill cartridges available, and it is best to make sure you have an adequate supply of ink before beginning the printing process. Unlike regular paper print jobs, you do not want to have to start from scratch if you run out of ink mid-job.

It is also suggested you use a separate printer when cake printing. While it may initially seem like a great idea to pop in a few edible ink cartridges and get your cake decorated with your household printer, you can make your family and friends ill if there are traces of regular ink in the printer. If you have an old printer, you may be able to use this for edible jobs. Research carefully before investing in a new printer because not all models are compatible with the edible cartridges.

You will also need a photo editing program on your computer. This will enable you to scan personal images and make adjustments to pictures before printing them. You can also edit them to make them humorous or more flattering. Before using edible paper and ink to print, make a test run on your regular printer, just to be sure you like the printed image. There really are no limits as to how a cake can be decorated, as long as you are able to print the image you have chosen. You can choose pre-made pictures, use family photos, or create your own image.

Imagine the money you will save, the fun you will have, and the party guests you will impress with a limitless number of cake decorating options. Who wouldn’t love a cake with their very own image on it? Or one decorated with their favorite pet, vacation destination, or family memory? If you want to create unique cakes for everyone you know, consider investing in supplies for screen-printing on cakes.

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1 Buy Gourmet Online March 12, 2010 at 6:17 pm

thanks for that

2 industrial printers March 29, 2010 at 6:08 am

Cake photos are very popular for childrens birthday cakes because often a picture of them can be transferred onto the cake.

3 Rich April 16, 2010 at 11:13 am

Very true, and not just children’s birthdays: I’ve had many a birthday cake made for me sporting an embarrassing photograph :D

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