Bulk Printing on Your own Printer – Can Save Time & Effort

by Rich on August 20, 2009

Most of the time when a business needs a large printing job, they will contact
a professional printer. The job may be too large or time consuming for a small
business or someone that works at home. However, a bulk job can be completed
on a regular printer, and it may save a great deal of time and effort. If you
have a manageable bulk print job you want to handle on your own, read on for
tips to make your experience run smoothly.

Bulk Printer

A lot of times, those who are printing at home plan to print photos. Photos
make great gifts, and help make textual materials more visually appealing and
personalized. If you are planning to print a number of photos, be sure to improve
the print quality before printing. This will ensure that you are committing
to the highest quality image. Print the picture in the highest resolution available.
This will use more ink, but you will have the highest quality print on the first
try and not need to print more than one draft of your document. Also be sure
you have chosen the correct file format. This can effect the size and quality
of your image. If you are in doubt, open the photo in a variety of formats on
your screen and determine which is the clearest, best quality photo.

Before printing, prepare the printer. Be sure you are using the most current
driver. If you have an older printer, you can update your driver by visiting
the manufacturer’s website. A quick search of your printer model will lead you
to the appropriate driver. Configure your quality systems and use the best paper
and ink
available. If you are printing a photo, use photo paper. If printing
a combination of photo and text on the same page, find paper that is of a reasonable
quality for both options. Also be sure your paper is the correct size before
printing and that your computer is set for the size paper. Many printers have
an auto-detect for paper size, but if yours does not, set it manually before

If you are going to be printing a large job, and it is out of the ordinary
for you to do so, think about how you can offset this printing. Are there other
documents you normally print that you could eliminate for a few days or weeks?
Think about how you can offset the cost of large print job by changing your
printing schedule.

During the printing, plan to take breaks. More than likely your printer can
handle the job, but it is better to keep it from overheating just in case. You
will also want to check it periodically to make sure you are not running out
of ink. Printing a number of fading, distorted documents will waste paper.

You should also expect the paper to jam at some point during your print job.
It may not, but being aware of the possibility helps reduce frustration. Keep
an eye on the print job by checking in periodically to ensure copies are clear
and bright, and that paper has not jammed. Any of these things can slow down
your printing process. Know how to abort the print job just in case you need
to stop and begin the job a second time.

Bulk printing jobs are often handled by professional companies, but it may
be necessary for you to handle the job yourself. With a bit of preparation and
a lot of patience, you can complete the print job in the comfort of your own

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