Bluetooth Printers – Tips for Bluetooth Printing

by Rich on October 28, 2009

Those working from the road may find a Bluetooth enabled printer is the answer to their printing prayers. bluetooth-logoThe printer will require a Bluetooth adapter, but once things are up and running, you can enjoy the convenience of printing from your mobile phone or PDA. Begin by searching on your phone for Bluetooth enabled devices. Once the phone and the printer have synced up, you are ready to print. Keep in mind during this process, which is called the discovery mode, your mobile device is vulnerable to hacking. Be sure to not leave your mobile device set to discovery mode once you have finished in order to avoid security risks.

The Pictbridge USB port offers compatibility with all Bluetooth adapters. This is a hardware interface technology that enables a printer to access and print images and documents from the PDA or mobile device. To determine what your specific needs are based on the technology you are already using, speak with your cell phone carrier representative.

When using a Bluetooth enabled printer, be sure to keep your firmware up to date. This will ensure that your phone will continue to work effectively while it is engaged in printing. You also should keep in mind you have relatively limited range for your printer. The further away your mobile device is from the printer, the more battery drain it will experience. This type of printing is ideal for those on the road who also carry mobile printers with them. If you consider your car your office, you will find Bluetooth enabled printing is a great convenience.

Imagine you are in need of a form for a client to sign. Someone at your home or office can send that form to your mobile device and you will be able to print it directly from the mobile device. This may not seem like that great of a convenience, but when you find yourself able to print without turning on your computer and accessing your email, you will realize what a time saver this feature can be. If you already have a PDA and you are just looking for a way to print from it, Bluetooth enabled printing may be your best option.

Bluetooth enabled printing also comes in handy with photos. Should you take pictures with your mobile device you will be able to print them immediately. This also means you can take the photograph and send it to your home printer, should you be within the appropriate print range. Imagine shopping for furniture or other materials while your spouse is at home. A full-size picture will be available to them a few minutes after you have taken the shot.

Some people feel there are more economical and efficient alternatives to Bluetooth enabled printers, especially since it requires a printer adapter and has range limitations. Some also feel the technology is very slow and would choose a speedier alternative for sending and printing documents. However, for those already using Bluetooth technology that are looking for a convenient way to send and print documents and images, this may be an affordable option.

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