You and Your Antique Printer

by Pete on November 2, 2009

If you have chosen to stick it out with your old printer, or purchase one that has seen better days, you should consider yourself a printing trooper. antique-printerYou have made a choice that is good for the environment, and one that will hopefully keep your wallet full of cash. If you have made the commitment to one of the oldie-but-goodie printers, read on for a few tips that will make your experience run a bit more smoothly.

The first thing you will want to do is locate the manual for your particular printer. If it has been yours all of these years, dig it out of the attic or garage. If you have just purchased the printer and it did not come with a manual, there are ways to locate one. Some websites offer a clearinghouse of manuals that cover everything from computer equipment to toasters. It should not take a great deal of searching to locate the manual that corresponds to your printer. Once you have the manual in your hands or downloaded on your screen, look it over. If your old printer is having a few minor issues, there may be a simple resolution found in the manual.

Chances are, if you purchased the printer used, it did not come with any installation software. This means to connect it to your computer, you will need to download the appropriate driver. This can be done by visiting the manufacturer’s website. If they no longer feature the driver you need, complete an online search for it. Like the manuals, there are clearinghouses available that offer what you need.

Finding ink for an older printer can be a challenge. It may also be where you find you are not saving so much money afterall. Search online for replacement cartridges, but also consider other options. Refills may be a great way to go. If you can remove the old cartridge and take it to a store that refills it with ink, you never have to worry about spending an arm and a leg on replacements. There are even refill kits you can use at home. Another option to make ink less expensive for older printers is to use generic ink. Not all printers allow this option, so research your make and model to see if you can try this.

If the printer you have purchased is missing parts, these can also be ordered online. Typically, a small printer for home use is not worth the time, effort, and money to replace parts since a whole new printer can be purchased for a very reasonable cost. You will not be saving money in the long run rebuilding a used printer and supplying it with ink. However, if you are purchasing a large printer for an office,you may find a used printer to be a great solution that does save money in the long run.

Another great advantage to using an old printer is that it saves the disposal of that printer when replacing it with a new one. This is great for the environment and can enable you to use the money you would spend on a new printer elsewhere. So if you are thinking about buying a used printer or sticking it out with your old one, do some research and see what your options might be.

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