7 of the Geekiest Tattoos Ever!

by Pete on September 10, 2009

1. Star Trek

Show your Trek cred by getting a tattoo of Captain Kirk or even a picture of the whole gang. Whether you want to go old school or Next Generation doesn’t really matter-both are equally geeky.

2. HTML Code

There is nothing geekier than getting a little HTML tattooed on your chest.We like it when you tell us where your head ends and your body begins.

3. RSS

Are you passionate about online syndication? Show the love with a tattoo of the RSS feed symbol. You can put this one anywhere, although we’re a particular fan of the symbol near your stomach with a postscript that says “feed me.” Check it out.

4. Power on button

This way, when someone needs to know what button to push to turn you on, there’s no confusion.

5. Final Fantasy

Really, an enormous full-back portrait of Sephiroth takes the cake. But there are plenty of options when it comes to Final Fantasy body art. Maybe try getting Red XII’s tattoo on your body.

6. Pi

If you’re looking for a geeky tattoo to broadcast your love of math, you really couldn’t do better than Pi. It’s a mathematical constant, after all-and pretty soon it’ll be a constant on your body. And check out all Pi’s cool superpowers: it can’t be expressed directly as a fraction; it equals the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius; and it goes on forever.  Of course, if you’ve got it tattooed on your skin, you’d better also have the first twenty decimal points or so memorized.

7. Apple

With the amount of technical innovation that has come out of Apple, it’s no wonder the logo has become a geek icon. Normally we wouldn’t advocate getting a company logo tattooed on your bod-but come on. This is the company that gave us the iPod, the iPhone, the Nano…it’s no wonder there are plenty of geeks who want to show their appreciation with a little indelible ink and fallings out!

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Have we missed any classics? Let us know what you think below:

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