How to Print Your Own Stationery

by Rich on September 2, 2009

For some people, handwriting letters and sending them via the Royal Mail Postal Service is a thing of the past. However, there are times when a handwritten note is the only appropriate method of communication. It may be a thank you note, a get well message, or a chance to have your child communicate with a relative that lives far away. Whatever the case, a handcrafted note on beautiful stationary is a delight to send and receive. The best part, you do not have to spend a fortune for sheets of decorative writing paper if you utilize your computer and printer.


Creating your own stationary with your computer printer is fun and simple. Instead of limiting yourself to the store bought variety, you can choose from a wide variety of templates or create your own. Clip art, photos, and scanned images all make great designs for stationary. You can even create matching envelopes, return address labels, and closure seals.

The variety does not end with images. Your printer is more than likely capable of printing on different size paper. You can create typical 8.5×11 sheets, or make your stationary set more interesting. Different textures and colours of paper also create interesting effects and may distort graphic images in fun and unusual ways. If you have purchased inexpensive materials for creating your stationary, try different things and be creative. However, if you have purchased expensive hand-crafted papers, try a few practice printings before using your high quality paper. You will want to be sure you have created exactly the image you have in mind before printing on your expensive paper.


Stationary made with your home printer also makes a great gift. You can personalize the papers and envelopes with the name of the gift recipient. If you prefer, use an inspirational phrase or personalized photo for their stationary gift set. Consider using images that represent their hobbies, their pets, their favourite sports teams, or a generic image that is peaceful and soothing. Homemade stationary makes a great gift for birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. You can also include envelopes pre-addressed with their name, location, and stamps.


Creating stationary for children is especially fun. There are a variety of images that can be used such as cartoons, toys, candy, and animals. Most children would be motivated to write a letter if they are able to do so on stationary that features their favourite characters. Include colourful pens and envelopes stamped and addressed to you if you are hoping to encourage the child to send letters to you.

Finally, home printed stationary is great for businesses. While it is less formal than official letterhead, creating thank you notes with your small business logo adds a personal touch while still reminding customers of your business. If you are approaching potential customers with a personalized letter on your stationary, keep in mind it is a great way to showcase your creativity. Be sure your design is neat and professional, and conveys the overall message of your business.

Store bought stationary may be beautiful, but it is often expensive and available only in small packages of eight or ten sheets of paper. For some people, this is enough for only one letter! If you are looking for a way to create personalized, artistic stationary for a reasonable price, consider using your computer printer. The options are endless and you will be sending beautiful, handcrafted letters in no time at all.

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